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Mechanical mixture
Residual waste

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Romero, R. M., Leonir, Camero, S., & Yepez, W. (2020). AL-1%CU COMPOSITE MATERIAL REINFORCED WITH AL2O3 PARTICLES CHARACTERIZATION. Universidad Ciencia Y Tecnología, 24(96), 65-71. Retrieved from


An Alumium-1% Cu composite material reinforced with ceramic particles in proportions 5, 10 and 15 % by weight is processed via powder metallugy by mechanical mixture, the materials used are industrial manufacturing residual waste. Once mixed, 300 MPa uniaxial compacting process cilindrical probes were obtained for each proportions, they were sintered at 530º C for 4 hours. Sintered probes microstructure characterization and chemical microanalysis were obtained by Scanning Electronic Microscopy/Optical Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS); furthermore, compressibility porcentage calculations and microhardness tests were carried out. The results show an equiaxial grain microstructure with a high cohesion degree and good reinforcement distribution, in the same way a porcentage of 5-10% indicates a better compressibility porcentage in relation to the microhardness, which could guarantee a good material performance in future conforming process.

Keywords: Aluminium, mechanical mixture, composites, residual waste.


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