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Guidelines for Authors

Note to authors: The editorial committee of the journal Universidad Ciencia y Tecnología reserves the right to improve the structural and editorial aspects of the articles received, making the modifications necessary to ensure that they present the appropriate characteristics for their subsequent publication.

Before submitting the manuscript, it is recommended to review the submission checklist. Please:

• Read Objectives and scope to get an overview and evaluate if the manuscript suits this Journal.

• Use the Microsoft Word template to prepare the manuscript.

• Ensure that issues related to publication ethics, copyright, authorship, figure formats, data, and reference standards have been reviewed.

• Ensure that all authors agree with the content of the submitted manuscript.

• Encourage authors to include a brief biography (optional) at the end of the document, with a maximum of 4 lines of description and a passport-type photo. It will help readers better understand the authors' background and qualifications.

 A) For Authors to know the format for their articles to be published in a journal, download this file: UCT rules.

B) To declare the originality of the material submitted to the Journal, download the following file: Declaration of Originality.

C) For the authors to know the format for book chapters to be published in the Journal, download this file: Book Chapters Format.

General description of manuscript submission 

Types of Publications Accepted by the Journal

The Journal accepts all types of academic and research documents that meet the rigors of a scientific publication. It means that all experimental details that lead to the reproduction of results must be provided. In addition, the authors must provide all practical processes and data sets used in the research.

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal should not be under evaluation in another journal and should not be published in other academic or scientific databases or other journals. The main types of documents received are as follows:

Scientific articles: consist of original research work. Therefore it must contain complete information about the experiments carried out, solid knowledge, provide the scientific contribution they provide. In addition, the document must contain recent references in line with the type of research, and these must be cited within the paper. A minimum of 8 pages and a maximum of 12 pages will be accepted in this type of document, with a basic structure of Summary, Abstract, Introduction, Development, Methodology, Results (includes analysis or discussion of results), Conclusions, and References (No more than 20 references). Author guidelines are suggested for more detail and the use of templates.

Literature review articles: Documents submitted as literature reviews must contain a complete analysis of the current literature within the field of knowledge being explored. Therefore, scientific gaps or existing problems, scientific gaps should be identified. In this way, the literature review article should be critical and constructive, with clear and decisive proposals that guide future research. This type of article should not include new data that is not published. The structure can consist of a Summary or Abstract, Introduction, Relevant sections, Discussion, Conclusions, and Future Directions, with a maximum of 12 pages and a minimum of 10.

Book chapters: The Journal accepts the treatment of book chapters, which are the collection of works or research by the authors and may contain literature reviews or monographs, which are the product of the author's academic career. These works must have an Introduction, Body of the chapter, Conclusions, and References. They must have a maximum of 20 pages and a minimum of 15. All chapters will be subject to peer review and anti-plagiarism verification processes.

Submission process

Manuscripts for the Journal should be submitted online through

In countries where internet failures are increasing, manuscripts are also received via email:

A corresponding author must be designated for the entire editorial process of the manuscript. This person will ensure that all co-authors have been correctly listed and that their information is accurate. In addition, he must register on the manuscript submission platform and follow the instructions. On this platform, you will also be able to track the progress of your manuscript through the different stages of the editorial process. All manuscripts submitted must be in Microsoft Word format and conform to the submission website's template.

Figures and tables should be inserted within the document after the paragraph of their first mention. Figures and tables should be original; in the case of tables prepared in Microsoft Excel, they should preferably be included in the original format. In the case of figures, authors are requested that they be preferably vectorized.

A letter of originality and assignment of rights must also be provided to publish the work in open access indefinitely.

Author Biography

Authors are encouraged to add a biography (maximum 50 words) to the submission, with a passport or frontal photo with a white background. The bio should contain the following:
The authors' full names, current positions, academic degrees, and research experience must be provided.

Other manuscript details

The following are some essential details to consider before submission:

The title: should be concise, relevant, and international in scope. It should specify whether the study is a design, systematic review, meta-analysis, or case study. Do not include abbreviations, equations, or site-specific sections.

Author list: Correct author data should be provided, including full names, place of affiliation or work, ORCID registration, email, city, and country. At least one author should be designated as the corresponding author. 

Funding: Include the sources of financing you obtained in your research work, including article processing charges, if applicable. Write appropriately the name of the institute, university, or entity that has provided such funding support.

The way to write this section will be: "This research did not receive external funding," or "This research was funded by [name of funder] grant number [xxx]," and "The APC was funded by [XXX]" in this section. Be careful with the correct name of the funding individuals or institutions.

Acknowledgments: Include support for individuals or organizations, institutes, laboratories, and entities that have supported you in any way in your work. Religious declarations of a personal nature are not accepted.

Conflicts of interest: authors should identify and declare any personal circumstances or goods that may be perceived as influencing the representation or interpretation of the reported research results. If there is no conflict of interest, please indicate, "Authors declare that they have no conflict of interest." For more information, see our match of interest section.

In addition, authors agree to be members of the International Board of Scientific Reviewers once their manuscript is published for subsequent journal issues. They also agree to recommend peer reviewers upon request.

An author may publish up to one article per year.