Impac of the coronavirus health crisis on the business and turist sector


Economic impact
tourist impact
social impact
health crisis

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Robles Santana, Y. R., Castro Cedeño, D. P., Vera Calderon, T. A., & Delgado Alvarez, L. I. (2021). Impac of the coronavirus health crisis on the business and turist sector. Universidad Ciencia Y Tecnología, 25(110), 208-216.


The Business and Tourism sector have achieved significant economic growth, being a primary source of income in Ecuador. The main objective of this research work is to carry out a study to evaluate the socio-economic impact on the tourist business level of the province of Manabí, regarding the economic crisis of the coronavirus, mainly in the tourist business sector of Manta, Portoviejo, Montecristi, Chone and Pedernales. Cities with the greatest economic impact generated by COVID - 19. The research methodology that has been used consists of a bibliographic, exploratory and descriptive methodology. Through the descriptive study with a qualitative approach, surveys were carried out among the owners of small and medium-sized companies in the tourism business sector in different cities, in order to know the Social and Economic impact of MSMEs. Information was obtained, both bibliographic through texts taken from different articles, books, degree thesis, web pages, in order to meet the objective of the research and know the economic impact that has been unleashed since the coronavirus crisis in recent years.

Keywords: Economic impact, Tourist impact, Social impact, health crisis.

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