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Good practices
Teaching indicators
University teachers
Teaching narrative

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Reyes Meza, O. B., Ávila Rosales, F. M., Andrade Torres, M. V., & Alcivar Cedeño, D. M. del R. (2020). INDICATORS OF GOOD PRACTICES OF HIGHER EDUCATION: INTERPRETIVE STUDY IN TEACHERS OF THE LAY UNIVERSITY ELOY ALFARO DE MANABÍ-ECUADOR. Universidad Ciencia Y Tecnología, 24(97), 54-58. Retrieved from


The objective of the research was to present some relevant contributions of the good teaching practices of the professors in the university teaching, whose purpose of the work is based on the construction of narratives of some indicators of good teaching of which the teachers speak, being important for the need to build teaching practices based on meaningful experiences that favor student learning, in the theoretical field, the points made by Fenstermacher and Juan Amos Comenio stand out. We conduct research with a qualitative and interpretative approach, we adopt a narrative perspective, a way of constructing reality, a covert in-depth interview was used and applied systematically in the academic groups of Teachers, and notes in notebooks on opinions of students and Teachers in unforeseen dialogues , reaching the conclusion N: That a good teaching practice is implemented with a number of attributes of good teachers, who are not content, or knowledge that has the Professor, but features which help students achieve learning outcomes; That the indicators referred to by Teachers on good teaching practices, is essential for learning, being motivation, reflection starting point in each class, for which the teacher must have extensive knowledge of the subject and the management of integrative methods, techniques and strategies that stimulate teaching, in which students play an important role in the interaction with others, among others.

Keywords: Good practices, teaching indicators, university teachers, teaching narrative.

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